Retrograde would love to publish your creations! We are currently accepting submissions for our fifth print issue, themed 'Coming of Age'. Deadline for written work is January 20th and deadline for visuals is January 25th. Email us at with your name as the subject line. All images should be 300 dpi JPEGs.

For colors, think dark, neon pink, electric purple, ultramarine blue - your bedroom when you were 13 with fairy lights on the walls which were covered with indie band posters. It’s after dark and you’ve told your parents you’re asleep, but you’re scrolling through Tumblr under the covers looking at band fan page posts. Finding who you are through the internet, social media, books, and bands. Growing up.

Click here for a 2.1 content wishlist. If you want to submit photos for an article but not write the article, or write the article but not provide visuals that’s ok. Let us know and we can coordinate.

Coming of Age Moodboard: