Lucky Charms

By Kylie Langley

i want things to be consistent. kinda like lucky charms. taste the same as they did when i was younger. it’s consistent and comforting. but life simply doesn’t work like that.

things aren’t the same as when i was younger. now i have a little more responsibility than solely making sure my dog doesn’t eat my legos.

now college is something to factor in. and relationships. and work. and school. and well, keeping up in general.

things are changing and it’s easy to start sinking. i know from experience. but how do we stay afloat when life is ever-changing?

i haven’t quite figured that out yet.

but what i do know is, the best way to stop sinking and start floating is to soak it all in. like lucky charms in a bowl of milk for too long. soak in every little moment no matter how meaningless it may seem at the time. you’ll be thankful you did. i know i am.

i guess this is one of the few things life has taught me.

nothing’s as simple as lucky charms.

xoxo kylie