The World Through Jewelry with Nicnac

Nicnac, a Toronto based jewelry brand, fuses the future with delicate jewelry through their stunning laser cut earrings. These earrings are beautifully powerful yet dainty to look at. Every single earring is made with thought and careful consideration. For this issue, we got the opportunity to talk to them about this amazing brand.

Started by Nicole Banda and Maddie Brimble, Nicnac’s vision, in the words of the founders, is “to create a world where everyone has a go-to pair of statement earrings, whether you're up at 5 to hustle at your barista job or going on a night out!” Nicnac’s earrings are definitely statement earrings, as they say. Made from acrylic, the earrings were born out of Nicole and Maddie’s own interests, intertwined together. “Nicole has always been really into DIY culture and online shops, and Maddie has always been really into the fine arts uses of acrylic - it was inevitable that we would combine forces and start this brand.” True to their interests, Nicnac currently operates off and Instagram as a part of the DIY scene, and laser cuts acrylic to create unique earrings.

Nicnac, unlike other jewelry brands out there, focuses on the relationship between jewelry and the movements of the wearer. It’s evident in their first collection, dubbed Cosmos, that the movement of the earrings is important to Nicnac. They said, “We were unsatisfied with the current selection of statement jewelry and its lack of natural movement; we wanted our work to reflect our busy and on the go lifestyles.” Many of the earrings in Cosmos have multiple moving parts which spin around as the wearer moves - designed for busy people constantly on the move, the thought that went into this movement is incredible. Cosmos is also inspired by earth and space. Their designs borrow from natural patterns in organic materials, like leaves, petals, tree rings, etc, and its namesake, the cosmos (alignment of planets, comets, and moons). Their earrings Orbit remind us of Jupiter’s rings - not only are their multiple combined rings, each ring has laser cut circles etched into it.

On their design process, Nicnac first sketches out designs, and as a team, collaborate to create pieces. “Usually, our ideas end up being merged into a single design,” Nicnac says. Technically, they start out with Illustrator, as many laser cutting programs require, and then test them on scraps. Addditonally, they said, “we test out different ways to shape the material (thermoforming or hand-shaping) and choose what works best with the chosen pattern. What we like is kept and what we don’t is saved to potentially use in future designs!”

Their pieces are made to empower whomever wears them, and aim to give everyone a statement piece to stand out from the crowd. Check out Nicnac at, and follow their Instagram, @nicnacmakes!

By Isha Chirimar