F/W 2018

Retrofuturism: possibly the most contradictory word you may have ever heard. Defined as depicting past interpretations of the future, it’s perhaps one of the most intriguing ways to think about what’s to come in the next few years, and how our perceptions of the future may or may not be accurate. Think Back to the Future: they thought we’d have flying cars by now, but instead, we have $1000 cellphones. In terms of aesthetic, the reference that pops to mind when I think retrofuturism is the Space Age of the 60s. Filled with ideas of what this extremely futuristic notion of exploring space could bring to the human race, the Space Age also has a distinctly retro twist to it. This retro feel manifests itself in the comic book illustration style many retrofuture images have, the colors reminiscent of arcades and neon lights, and the not-actually advanced technology often portrayed.

Incorporating this intriguing aesthetic into clothing doesn’t mean you have to wear a 60s astronaut helmet complete with a Zenon Girls outfit. You can go as far as that, or, incorporate subtle elements of the style into your everyday wardrobe. The core colors often present in retrofuturist art include an emerald green, electric magenta, black, electric blue, and a sunset orange. Combined together, these colors will instantly make your outfit emanate retrofuture vibes. We’ve pictured a beautiful silky green top, here, as inspiration. The shine of the silk has a distinctly futuristic feel to it, and the green adds that retrofuture in. It subtly adds in aesthetics you may see in retrofuture rocket ship launch comics… the works.

As previously mentioned, space and stars are a huge part of retrofuture. Not only are star eyeliner stamps huge right now, they’re the perfect way to add some space magic into your everyday looks. Metallic star stickers, safe for the skin, incorporate even more of that stellar feel in. This gorgeous black mesh wrap with silver stars on it also brings some cosmic shine into an otherwise retro outfit, with white fishnets and thigh highs.

Combining retro fashion trends with metallics and the stars is another perfect way to not only be on fashion in 2018’s fall/winter trend map, but also intertwine the futuristic and retro vibe we love. The trend of wearing crop tops under spaghetti strap dresses, and generally plaid print in pants and dresses, brings in the ever-popular 90s aesthetic. Mixing this with metallic makeup, gold or silver earrings, or the star makeup produces the perfect combination of retro and future.

We cannot get enough of this style - maybe it’s a passion for Princess Leia and a general desire to bring geek into the retro trend, but it’s perfect. It’s so easy to incorporate retro future into your everyday style- try it out F/W 2018.

Photography by Claire Farmery

Words by Isha Chirimar