Great Grandpa

Preview of Sonya Alfano's photographic coverage of Great Grandpa live and Portia Hubregsen's album review in 1.3

10 Things I Hate about You fans look no further, Retrograde has got you covered. American, grunge pop band Great Grandpa is from Seattle, Washington and recently released their debut album Plastic Cough. The band’s lyrical cynicism and haunting vocals are reminiscent of the late 90’s grunge era and create unexpected feelings of teenage nostalgia. Great Grandpa’s sound is a pleasant and modern reinvention of the grunge sounds that made bands like Nirvana so popular. Although the album mainly alludes to a soundtrack from yet another cliche 90’s teenage rom-com, Plastic Cough also features several ballad-like tracks such as “All Things Must Behave/Eternal Friend” and “Faithful.” My personal favorite off the track, “NO” is an upbeat, angsty anthem full of smooth bass lines and raspy vocals. Other favorites include “Fade”, a slower track that showcases the versatility of lead vocalist Alex Menne through her smooth transitions into falsetto and light tone. Great Grandpa’s album Plastic Cough is available for streaming and download on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Youtube. Check out the band’s website: for upcoming concerts, tour dates and new merchandise!