Harmony Woods: an Album Review

Photographic coverage by Sonya Alfano and words by Portia Hubregsen, for Retrograde 1.3


Philadelphia-based band Harmony Woods is relatively new to the underground indie rock music scene but their lo-fi sound is sure to grab listeners’ attention. Harmony Woods consists of lead vocalist Sofia Verbilla who also writes the band’s modern and poetic lo-fi love songs. Their debut album Nothing Special features dream-like alternative and acoustic tracks that tell a detailed narrative of the young singer’s struggles with romantic relationships. The bands quaint coffeeshop vibes are both charming and heartwarming. Tracks featured on the record Nothing Special such as “Equinox,” “Vignette #1,” and “Vignette #4” are captivating lyrical interpretations of personal memories of Verbilla’s. “The Worst Things” and “Renovations” are reminiscent of early pop-punk influences in their opening guitar riffs and subtle bass lines. The alternative band’s sound is rich and vivid - they are uniquely raw. Their debut record Nothing Special is the quintessential addition to your playlist for any day spent in the outdoors basking in the summer sun. Be sure to check out the band’s website for new merchandise, and follow their Instagram @harmonywoodspa for the locations of upcoming gigs and updates.