Petal: Music Review

The following is a preview of content published in Retrograde Print 1.3. Photography is by Sonya Alfano and the review is by Portia Hubregsen.


American indie rock band Petal is composed of front woman Kiley Lotz and a group of rotating musicians from various bands such as Three Man Cannon, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, and Halfling. Soft vocals and light guitar strumming are what is expected of any band that falls under the indie rock or alternative genre but Petal’s deliverance is effective and refreshing. The band’s newest album, Magic Gone, is a bittersweet reflection on the rough transition into adulthood and all the shortcomings that come along with it such as relationships and mental health. A large majority of the songs on the album focus on the sad reality that time is fleeting and irreversible. Songs such as “Magic Gone,” “I’m Sorry,” tackle relevant emotional issues such as the loss of adolescence and falling in and out of love. The simple chord progressions and overall slow tempo combined with raw vocals add an effortlessly tender and melancholy essence to each track on the album. Lead vocalist Kily Lotz’s soothing voice is the perfect end to a stressful day or the ideal background track for a rainy day spent inside. Petal’s moody indie sound is surprisingly relaxing, lo-fi, and a must-add for any Spotify lovers. Follow Petal on Spotify for new songs or follow their Instagram for daily updates on the band @petal_pa.