Adult Mom

By Sonya Alfano, in Retrograde 1.2

RC (Retrograde Collective): I've been wondering for a little while, like, why Adult Mom? Why not a kid mom or a dad mom?

Adult Mom: It just kinda was a joke, as it started; my friends were like, obsessed with calling me mom because I'm kinda like the mom of the friend group and it was like a name for me - an identity. Adult Mom is just like me not really feeling like an adult or any kind of mother, etc., so like, poking fun at myself.

RC: That's cool though, I was always wondering that. Why music? Did you grow up with music? Is your family musical?

AM: My uncles are super musical. Like, there's always guitars around and guitar playing. My dad used to be in bands. but I grew up in theater, like musical theater, so I was in hundreds of productions and recitals. My dad's a play writer so it's just, the stage has always been around my life. None of those things made me want to start playing music. The only reason i started playing was because i was obsessed with this band, Rilo Kiley, and I just wanted to be that band and I got a guitar and started learning.

RC: That's awesome. When did you start playing guitar?

AM: When i was 15.

RC: Before you said you're Lorde's biggest fan - what's your favorite Lorde album?

AM: Melodrama. it's a masterpiece. It's so important to me.

RC: I like your hair. What made you decide to dye it purple?

AM: I don't know! I teach also. I substitute teach and I used to be a preschool teacher so I have to be kinda professional looking at work and now that I'm taking a long break from "normal" work to do touring, I was like, "let's go crazy!"

RC: How's balancing "normal" work versus like, touring? How are you able to be like, "I can't work anymore, I have to go tour with my band"?

AM: Well I'm a sub, so I  can make my own schedule. So I don't really have to tell anybody. I like having a day job in some respects because it like, keeps the creative, crazy part of my brain dormant for a little bit. And then when I get home I can actually do shit and like, makes me a lot more active with writing and stuff. And I love children and I love being around kids and it makes me happy.