Film in Color: Fashion Design

By Emily Omesi, @emilyomesi. From Retrograde 1.2

"Film in Color" is a colorful and retro inspired story done on a 35mm film camera.  These styles are laid back, quirky, and colorful, and they standout in the streets of New York City!

Omesi on the process of designing and making these pieces: 

"Most of these garments have some sort of manipulation to the textile whether it be shibori dying, hand painting, ebru (the swirls), or distressing. The pictures attached are the process of ebru on the fabric.  Ebru is an ancient Turkish art form where the artist creates a thick liquid and paint on the surface of the water.  After the painting is completed I placed the fabric gently on the surface of the water and the paint adheres to the fabric permanently.  The importance of these garments was to express the excitement and energy New York City has in its people, buildings, and streets.  All of these garments come together with a retro twist."

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