Streetlight Manifesto Concert Review

By Sonya Alfano, preview of article in Retrograde 1.2

On Saturday, January 13th, I had the opportunity to shoot Streetlight Manifesto accompanied by The Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution Orchestra. It was an experience like no other. Imagine your favorite band playing a sold out show in the largest venue they’ve ever played with a 40-piece orchestra added in.

The experience was overwhelming; there were moments where I needed to close my eyes, because I was overstimulated (in the best possible way). There was so much going on auditorialy, that vision was just too much. The pure, strong density of the Bandits was pressing; I felt music in every bone in my body.

Despite having eight members, the chaos of Streetlight Manifesto is contained and precise. They are all accomplished and skilled musicians, playing and singing in harmony together. I will always praise Streetlight as my favorite band to see live for that reason - they are truly like no other.


[The bandits of the Acoustic Revolution is a band that was formed in a basement in New Brunswick, New Jersey, back in 2000. Streetlight Manifesto is a ska-punk band also hailing from New Brunswick, formed in 2003]