Art by Eva Chang, @mintcacti

Eva, known @mintcacti on Instagram, is an aspiring artist in high school. She had drawn during her childhood, but it was not until middle school when she started creating artwork daily. Eva hopes to become an illustrator, storyboard artist, or concept artist in the future.

   Eva's art currently centers around characters and expressions. To her, characters should be three-dimentional and have realistic personalities, goals, and relationships with one another. She also makes stories behind her characters, such as her ongoing Inktober project. 

   Having only begun technical art training three years ago, Eva believes that she still has a lot to learn. As of right now, she is working on sketching faster and experimenting with different mediums and colors. By building up more technical skills, Eva aims to put her characters in even more convincing and captivating settings.

   Creativity is still the core of her work, alongside any technical skills she works to polish. Eva tries to come up with ideas for illustrations and stories daily, among many other types of art. By using art, she hopes to inspire others.

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