About retrograde

      There are two types of people: the clean cut and simple, and the functioning chaotic. I've always fallen in the latter bucket. Ever since I was five and wore orange sunglasses with technicolor pants, I never seemed to love the whole minimalist, clean, look.

      After hitting the age when I accompanied my mom to the checkout counter at Barnes and Nobles and flipped through Vogue and Rolling Stone while she paid for my Harry Potter paraphernalia, I soon got bored of reading solely about mainstream things already saturating the rest of the media. I dreamt of finding a collection of fashion and music which actually exposed me to new things instead of celebrities I was already hearing about during lunch at school. That moment never came. Hence, Retrograde. 

      After conceiving of this idea in the Aurangabad airport while my mom shopped the duty free, I got Kate (fashion icon and talented friend), Ayla (future editor and literary genius), and Portia (artiste extrodinaire) on board. We came up with this- I hope you enjoy.

-Isha Chirimar, founding editor

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our mission:

Retrograde is an online and quarterly print fashion and music collective focused on those who are passionately divergent and beautifully chaotic in their style and personality.

the people

isha chirimar

founding editor

Isha: always Indian and always creating. If she's not coding an app, reading Harry Potter for the fifty something-eth time or painting, she's most likely dying her hair or brewing chai. You're likely to find her playing Hogwarts Adventure on the subway or walking around lower Manhattan with a camera in hand. Find her on Instagram and her website.

kathryn klein

executive editor

Kathryn talks too much, stays up too late, and posts too many pictures of her dog on Instagram. You will typically find her with her nose in a book (probably about JFK). She’s just as likely to be found reading a copy of Vogue or on the hunt for the perfect pair of over the knee boots. Although she absolutely loves to travel, she is a born and bred New Yorker. Find her on Instagram.

ayla jeddy

managing editor

Ayla is a poetry nerd, chocolate lover, and an avid sit-com enthusiast. If she is not eating crepes with friends, trying to read four different books simultaneously, or writing a poem, she is probably listening to her new favorite song (on a loop) or binging her latest Netflix obsession. Find her on Instagram.

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portia hubregsen

music editor

Portia is your average over-emotional and stressed out teen. She enjoys watching crime shows, making playlists, and taking photos. When she's not running late to class with an iced coffee in hand, she's probably eating somewhere downtown in a random cafe or sitting in bed drinking tea. Find her on Instagram

sonya alfano

contributing photographer

Sonya is a New Jersey native with a fondness for Streetlight Manifesto and vegan mac and cheese, and her favorite tv character is Babou from Archer. She has a playlist for almost every emotion, and WILL show you them, whether you asked or not. You can find her on Instagram or her website is sonyalfano.com


allison foster

contributing author

Allison is an aspiring music journalist and avid concert goer. When she can, Allison is probably making Spotify playlists, reading music blogs, or watching true crime documentaries. Ask her about her undying love for New Girl and the quest to find the Nick to her Schmidt. Find her on Instagram.

olivia upton

contributing photographer

Olivia is a photographer from Massachusetts. Besides photography, she loves laughing, thrift shopping, and traveling. More than often, you can find her making mixtapes, friendship bracelets, and collages, or daydreaming about New York City. You can find her on Instagram.